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A Day in the Life of a Journeyer

From a Student

As I am pulling up to Journey School of Peoria every morning, I see all of my teachers waiting for me and ready to open my car door. I love getting to play in the garden with my friends while everyone is showing up. When I go into my classroom with my teacher and friends, we start with our morning meeting where we talk about how we are doing, our goals for the day, and our schedule.

After this, we usually do some writing or read a fun story. I love that when we read stories, we also do a project or write about it and then we talk about the story more. During mid morning, we go outside to have a snack and play outside for a while. My favorite part of my school is how much time I get to learn and play outside. When we come back inside, we wash our hands and do more reading and writing. We learn new skills, new words, and get to write about what we choose. 

One time as a day in the life of a journeyer, I got to do a whole research project about all of my favorite animals! I got to show my family my cool research project at Project Night, and they loved that I had an art project to go with each animal and their information. After ELA, we usually have a movement brain break, and then math! I love math! Sometimes we learn with interactive journals and sometimes we learn with manipulatives. My classroom usually does some more stuff in the morning like specials, art, or independent reading, but we are so busy that I can’t always remember. 

Then, we have lunch! Chef Grayson (to download the video, click here) makes really yummy lunches that we all eat together. We get to play outside for a WHOLE HOUR at lunch time! After lunch, we are really tired and sweaty, so we have 10 minutes of meditation time where we take deep breaths and calm down. 

In the afternoon, we have science and social studies time, but this is also our project time. My friends and I in my classroom get to help pick out the projects that we work on and they are all things that we have to learn. Especially when I start to get tired at the end of the day, the projects are a lot of fun and we learn a lot! Around 2:00, we have more outside time and another snack. 

After we are all done with learning for the day, we work together to clean up the classroom and we have an afternoon meeting where we talk about our day, if we met our goals, and what we are looking forward to. From the day in the life of a journeyer, I am tired, but I can’t wait for tomorrow!